Cultural Awareness




Diverse groups are more innovative and creative than homogenous groups and enhance problem-solving and decision-making, but diversity can sometimes create challenges. Even more so, when differing workstyles collide in multicultural environments, frustration can occur.

The Cultural Awareness Training can help you build global awareness and cross-cultural competence to promote a more inclusive, successful workplace culture.

Practical Learning Approach

A Certified Facilitator and Executive Coach with years of hands-on multicultural business experience will help participants understand the tools and the science behind them. As well as facilitate a carefully constructed conversation, focused on their needs, their challenges, and their doubts, to get the most out of this experience.

Cultural Awareness

The Cultural Awareness Training helps to:

Identify Your Work Style

The Cultural Awareness training utilizes an effective, statistically validated tool, that helps identify the preferred work style with five cultural dimensions in an interactive format. After the analysis of your “five cultural dimensions”, you can share your profile with colleagues to help build stronger working relationships around the world.

Bridge Boundaries

Culture influences how we work, lead and communicate. Gaining insight into other cultures helps bridge gaps and build stronger relationships.

Build Global Awareness

The training includes Culture Guides, in-depth information on 100 cultures with critical insights you need on the cultures you’re working with. With 50 business topics in each culture, you can learn the essentials of interacting effectively with people worldwide.

Shape Real-World Teams

This training will give business professionals the foundation to improve their cultural agility in the workplace and with team members.

Work and life nowadays are global. You and your team need to understand cultural differences, both abroad and at home. That understanding will be the difference between success or failure for your organization.

With this training, you and your team will improve the way to:

  • Gain knowledge of the “why” behind common behaviors influenced by culture,
  • Build stronger relationships with your global clients and colleagues,
  • Get advice on how to work more effectively within multicultural environments,
  • Learn strategies for persuading and presenting,
  • Deliver feedback more effectively,
  • Create an inclusive environment,
  • And much more.

You can start now to maximize productivity, results, and success by working with us! Let’s have a conversation on how this program will benefit you, your team, and your organization.

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