Unique Solutions for Unique Challenges and Opportunities



Equipping you to reach your potential and achieve significant results in your personal and professional life. Helping you develop yourself in order to take your leadership to levels never imagined before.


Creating and developing highly effective groups. Empowering work teams that achieve maximum performance in order to become the main pillar of your business success.


Taking your company to a higher level of achievement with the vision, strategy, and tools needed to sustain an organizational culture of success. Developing your leaders at all levels of management to achieve the highest level of performance and results.

The Solutions

You Need

Influencing, communicating effectively, and getting results in today’s globalized world requires a global mindset.

Each client gets personalized attention. A customized plan is created for your unique situation. We recognize that a one-sized-fits-all solution will not work for all.

Achieving breakthrough results requires a transformational approach. Transform yourself and all that surrounds you will transform as well.

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Here’s what other people think of Dr. Sáenz services:

Camilo Cortéz
Universidad Autonoma
Manizalez, Colombia

“After many emotional and work-related challenges, I have been able to change unwanted habits, have accepted mistakes and continue to resume my work project. Participating in this program gave me the clarity, the capacity and the strength to continue all my projects of life.”

Yolanda Díaz
Florida, USA

“Dr. Sáenz helped me visualize my dream and structure it. Being able to apply this program in my daily life, has changed many of the preconceived ideas I had. I have always been a woman of Faith but I had not committed my spiritual life with my business. Now I understand that I can grow both my business and my spiritual goals.”

Esteban Rodríguez
Florida, USA

“The Leadership Encounter “Lead Like Jesus” was very professional, very well presented, hosted in an excellent location and provided excellent visual material. There was time for everyone to participate. The most useful aspect of this event to me was the emphasis on a Christ-centered leadership style. This program filled my expectations.”

Adriana Guerrero
Engineer – Siemens Energy
Florida, USA

“The “Intercultural Awareness” program at the Siemens Energy organization, created and led by Dr. Sáenz, successfully connects Mentors and Mentees with the vision to expand global cultural awareness and to provide the necessary tools for the execution of global projects.”