Liderazgo Hispanoamericano

Impacting lives and bringing value to Hispanic leaders around the world!

Founded by Dr. Liana C. Sáenz, Liderazgo Hispanoamericano has being established with the vision of creating a global culture of transformation and change to develop, equip, and transform Spanish-speaking leaders around the world.

In this global and virtual community, Dr. Sáenz associates internationally with a group of entrepreneurs and professionals, with the purpose of impacting lives and bringing value to people willing to change and determined to achieve significant results in their lives, providing them with indispensable information and tools for success.

From its beginnings Hispanic Leadership has shared material to help Hispanic leaders to grow personally and professionally as well as increase their influence as leaders.

Liderazgo Hispanoamericano actively participates in different social media channels. His main activity is concentrated in a Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Group.

It is also present on Twitter and has a YouTube Channel.

Note: All materials in this community are in Spanish.