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Hi, Welcome,

I congratulate you for the time you have invested in your personal growth.

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I hope this Guide containing the elements that every success plan should have, add value to your personal and professional life. It also intends that you feel inspired and motivated to begin your plan for success and thus be able to achieve your goals.

I imagine you are aware of several of these elements. If you intentionally put them into practice, they will lead you to the success you want.

To make sure you start having results immediately, I suggest you take your schedule and choose a day and time this week to start working on your plan. The impulse to take the first step will allow you to continue to the next step and so on.

In this Guide you will find:

  • The 8 essential elements for those who walk towards success,
  • Simple but mindful ideas that can change your life,
  • Practical steps for you to take immediate action,
  • Coaching exercises that will allow you to increase your intentionality.

Successful people, who have achieved success, have applied a success plan. In my life, this application has brought me countless benefits. The success story that I can share with you has happened thanks to the intentional application of a success plan.

The writing and publication of my first book is one of those stories that I can share with you. Having had a solid “why”, a clear goal and very well planned, were my best support all the way. A broad understanding of the resources and a personal design that allowed me to execute my plan were the perfect recipe.

Also, having a wonderful team that contributed to the publication was a blessing. At the same time, the development of the habit of writing, something I never thought was possible for me. Finally, my incessant effort to maintain a balanced life-renewing me periodically, allowed me to achieve it.

The action plan was the compass that allowed me to reach my goal amid many challenges and occupations. During the writing and publication of my first book I was a student, I had a full-time corporate job, as well as being a wife and a mother (two teenagers!), and served as a volunteer in a ministry where I coordinated training and activities for a whole State. Well, if I did it, you can too.

Download Your Guide

Don’t forget to inspire others with your experiences, your learning, and your success stories. I would love to hear them. Share them on social networks or send us your comments via text or email.

I promise you that the results of the application of the eight (8) elements will be worth all the effort, now go and make it happen. The world needs your success.