The Culture Of The Transformational Leader IV

Leading teams is not an easy task and can become even more complicated when self-leadership is not present. One of the key elements of transformational leadership is the character. Frequently, leaders in front of adverse situations or circumstances will reveal their character and thus their ability to lead themselves and others.

transformational leadership

Let’s examine why the character is a vital component needed to lead and how transformational leaders utilize it to exercise the idealized influence that characterizes them and how we can improve our character.

During the 2019 Congressional Award Gold Medal Ceremony, the Capitol Hill sparked enthusiasm for the next generation of leaders and the future of the USA by presenting this award to 538 youth students. According to the press release, the Gold Medal represents the pinnacle of Congress’ award program for youth.

The honor requires that each recipient embarks on a two-year-goal-setting journey, logging a minimum of 400 hours of Voluntary Public Service, 200 hours of Personal Development and Physical Fitness, respectively, and a 5 day, 4-night Expedition/Exploration period.

There is no doubt that this group of 538 youth students deals with many circumstances and struggles during that journey, and yet, they were able to transform themselves in the process and become a servant leader; which is the highest level of leadership that we can carry out as leaders.

In front of adverse circumstances, a person can choose between one of two paths: character or compromise. Every time a person chooses the character, he becomes stronger, whether the consequences of their decision are good or bad.

Let’s observe why the character is vital for a transformational leader:

  • Trust. Transformational leaders strive to focus on others, and they understand that if they have a flawed character, followers will not trust and respect them.
  • Actions. We cannot separate a leader’s character from his actions. Character is more than words and intentions; if words, intentions, and actions don’t work together they will reflect as low integrity in a leader.
  • Higher Achievements. It is not possible to overcome the demands of success with a weak character, let alone help others in their transformation process. The leader who achieves some kind of success but lacks enough character to allow for high commitments and stress is destined to disaster.
  • Focus. We do not have power or control over many things in life, like our parents, place of birth, talents, and others; yet, when it comes to our character, we have the power to choose. Leaders build their character every time they make a choice.
Influencing others as transformational leaders do it requires living with intentionality, which involves becoming a leader of character. Transforming ourselves in order to be able to support the transformation of others will not happen without acquiring character and self-leadership.

Self-leadership pushes a leader from good intentions to good actions. It is what separates words and ideas from actual results. It is not only sounding good but doing well.

What can be done to improve character?

  • Evaluate yourself: Spend some time reflecting and looking at the major areas of your life. Identify where you might have let people down or compromise your word. When was the last time that you promised something and never followed up or did it?
  • Assess your goals: review your results versus what you said that you would like to accomplish. Are you finding excuses for why you are not acting? Or why you are procrastinating or having so many distractions? How is your self- discipline? Are you the kind of person that is always getting ready to get ready?
  • Face reality: do you have to start all over again? Do you need to forgive yourself or others? Do you need to apologize to yourself or others? What do you need to let go of? Which habits do you still struggle with? Whatever is holding you back, face it and get over it.
  • Increase your intentionality: If you are not finding answers, or you can’t see how you can improve your character, let us know we can help you.

LEADINFORCE can support you in the process of attaining more clarity, identifying areas of interest, creating a plan to prevent you from making the same mistakes on your next steps, and rebuilding your path towards a better future.

Building character is one of the key elements of self-leadership and a basic element of a transformational leader.

As Darshi Shah, from Mineola, New York, Gold Medalist of the 2019 Congressional Award Gold Medal Ceremony said: “This award helped me realize how small acts that contribute to society can have a big impact in someone else’s life.”

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