Add Your Personal Touch

There is a well-known phrase that says SUCCESS LEAVES TRACES; even more so, we must find them, follow them, improve them, and learn from them. While this is great advice, it can easily be misunderstood, as your plan for success must be personal.


Why is it important that you have your own definition of success? And how can you add your personal touch to your plan to achieve it?

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I have met people who have spent a great deal of their lives chasing a dream that was not theirs. Perhaps their parents suggested or demanded some profession or career, or someone in their community influenced them, or in their younger years, they wanted to copy the success of a famous person. None of these beginnings would be wrong if it wasn’t for the fact that you don’t 100% fit into others’ dreams. Just as you are unique, your dream is also unique and only you know it.

Achieving success requires, first, a clear goal. What is it that you really want to achieve? The answer to this question is related to everything that makes you feel fulfilled and the strengths you possess.

Your goal does not only come from your mind, but it also comes from your heart. If there is one footprint of success that we can confidently learn from and that would not be wrong to copy, it is that those who achieve success have enough motivation and inspiration from their hearts to achieve their goals.

Second, you need to create your action plan. One of the important parts of the “action plan” is the execution, and for this, it is essential that it be designed to add your personal touch.

To add this personal touch, you must work in these three areas:

  1. Eliminate excesses: look at your daily schedule, identify the activities that do not contribute to your objective, and decide to eliminate or delegate them. A day has 24 hours, and it is not possible for you to add more activities to your agenda if it is already full.
  2. Fragment what you want to achieve: Your goal is your objective; however, in the process of reaching it, you must achieve small daily steps. This is where you must honestly and realistically use your calendar or planner and estimate how much time you will spend each day to accomplish each step toward your goal.
  3. Use your strengths: In your strengths, you are strong. Your strengths have everything to do with what you want to achieve in your life. If you haven’t taken a personality test yet, do it today. Understanding your strengths will allow you to use them.

Remember that success does not only include achieving the goal, but it is also the journey you travel to achieve it. In truth, success is and must be achieved daily.

I know that it can be very overwhelming when you desire to achieve a goal, but do not have an action plan to execute daily.

This is why I created a guide with THE 8 ELEMENTS THAT EVERY SUCCESSFUL PLAN MUST HAVE as a resource to help make it a bit easier, for those working towards their goals and really wanting to make it happen. Additionally, we have created a Workbook designed exclusively for you to develop a written plan of success. However, that is not all; we have designed the LEADINFORCE AGENDA, created exclusively to increase your intentionality; and we have it for you as a gift.

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Question:  How can you make your goal personal?