Your Life Is A Work Of Art, Build It One Day At A Time

Not a long time ago I was visiting Wynwood, a historic neighborhood, north of downtown Miami. You can find amazing works of art in this place. Almost all these works of art created over the walls are made by street painters from different parts of the world. What I find interesting is that each one of these paintings has a short life span. They are erased only to be replaced by another new creation. These works of art remind me of a day in our lives.


Let’s observe how success should be built on a daily basis and which habits will allow us to achieve it.

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As the creators of our days, just like the painters in Wynwood, we must have the essential elements to create our masterpiece every day. But what materials are we using? What are your daily habits to achieve success?

The habits that you develop on a daily basis will determine your success. It is not enough that you decide to achieve a goal. It takes daily persistence and discipline to achieve it.

The combination of decision plus persistence is indeed very effective. Those who achieve their goals are the ones who believe that they can and who will persevere long enough to see them materialize.

Based on my personal experiences and achievements, and from having observed many who have been very successful at achieving their goals, I believe that we must make conscious decisions every day, but even more, we must keep them until we reach our goals.

What daily decisions lead you to success? There are a number of daily decisions that are really imperative to make in order to achieve our goals. Today I want to share with you the five (5) habits that I believe we cannot do without.

  1. Believing in your purpose and that you are endowed with all you need to achieve it, is the basis of daily success. I do not know what your beliefs are but I believe that God has given me a purpose and that He gave me everything necessary to achieve it.

    You must believe in the greatness that you have and in your abilities and strengths. Remember, your strengths are what lead you to success. Use them daily.

  2. Establishing priorities based on your vision and goals. This way you will use your resources wisely and will understand what areas you will need help and growth. Use your heart and mind to set your priorities and decide to work on them daily.
  3. Having thoughts that give you a positive perspective on everything you do. Use the power to think positively and create ideas and systems that will lead you to success. Decide to use your thoughts to create a successful environment and to become the successful person you want to be.
  4. Committing to yourself and your success. In what manner or in what person are you investing your most valuable resources? such as time, energy, finances, thoughts, intentionality, among others.

    Your commitment represents the value that you give to what you want to accomplish. Commit on a daily basis with excellence, courage, and determination.

  5. Growing personally and professionally in order to have the understanding, perspective, and abilities to become the person you should be. For those who want to achieve their goals, growth is not an option. Make it a point to work on your plan for personal growth on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, those who achieve their goals are those who believe that they can and who persevere long enough to see them come to fruition.

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Question:  What daily habits are leading you to success?