The 5 More Common Mistakes: Resistance to change

Globalization is a great opportunity to extend new frontiers, both personally and professionally. Yet, it’s a challenge for the global leader who is facing cultural differences and who seeks better results not only personally but organizationally as well.

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Let’s observe the benefits that the leader and the organization have when they are not resisting change in a multicultural environment, and how this flexibility in a globalized world is a fundamental element both in a successful corporate culture and in the development of the global leader.

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The speed at which commercial activities and technological advances are occurring today, demands flexibility and adaptation. Being flexible is one of the fundamental components of a successful corporate culture and an essential attribute of a global leader.

Global leaders, as well as successful organizations, are facing continuous change, growth, and development. Given the constant globalization and diversity in our organizations, flexibility allows you to:

  1. Create a culture of success. An organization that implements flexibility in its programs will be creating a high level of loyalty, confidence, and productivity among the members of the organization. Today more and more organizations empower their employees. For example, they allowed them to work from home and have their own work schedule. Their focus is on the results and not on the process.
  2. Promote diversity in teams. The success of a team lies in its diversity. Experienced, talented, and educated professionals today are in different locations around the world and have different cultures.
    Organizations that extended hours and virtual jobs with distant locations have the advantage of attracting diversity and talent.
  3. Elevate leadership skills. High-performance global leaders have their own style of leadership, recognize their own strengths, and know how to use them. A corporate culture that includes flexibility allows these leaders to increase their effectiveness.
    A high-performance leader in times of pressure recognizes when and how to make a decision; therefore, they should feel comfortable and safe with their own judgment and in providing clear and precise instructions.
  4. Expand the global mindset. Accepting the differences that the multicultural environment brings such as religion, beliefs, values, work and communication styles, and others specific to each culture is vital for the success of any leader or organization.

The leader that achieves flexibility in a multicultural environment, among other benefits:

  • Adjusts behaviors to other people or cultures with no difficulty.
  • Accepts different points of view toward the same objective.
  • Identify in each group the correct leaders for each project.
  • Promotes the feeling of community in teams with different cultures and work styles.

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Without a doubt, flexibility is an important element within the corporate culture and is an indispensable quality of the global leader. Flexibility requires an open mind and a willingness to change.

The success of your global leadership and your organization can be achieved with the right culture, where flexibility is a significant part.

Question:  What can you do to improve flexibility in your leadership and in your organization?

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