Proof That LEADERSHIP Is Exactly What You Are Looking for

If you admire action movies, you may have seen one where the main character had to achieve a great act, save the world, or themselves. Regularly, one of the characteristics of these characters, which leads them to achieve what they set out to do in a very short period of time, is their ability to concentrate and focus on their goal.


In real life, this character is the leader. Leaders are leaders because there is an objective, a goal, and a vision. Let’s be reasonable though, just because there is a goal does not mean that the leader can lead themself or others to achieve it.

I invite you to look at what it really means to have focus, why you cannot lead yourself or others without developing the ability to focus on your goal, and how you can test yourself to discover your ability to focus.

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One of those action movies that I have seen on several occasions is the series of Jason Bourne; an agent of an espionage organization, who suffers from a type of amnesia and upon discovering who he really is, decides to leave this organization. One of the characteristics of this character is precisely the ability to concentrate and focus on his goal. In these films, he accomplishes what he sets out to do with great speed and accuracy.

In this series, it is evident that this character is highly trained and that he not only has great clarity on his next move but also has a vivid image of the outcome that he desires. This drives him to make the right decisions with great speed and precision and even more so to quickly change action in the face of diversions to stay on track towards his goal.

This is indeed what it means to be focused. It means having a clear and defined purpose. So clear and so defined that you are certain that every decision you make will help you achieve or maintain your purpose. In the same way, you know how to handle circumstances to prevent them from diverting you from your goal.

Today with so much information and distractions, losing focus seems to be a daily challenge. Many have the syndrome of shining objects SOS; in other words, every opportunity that shines is an opportunity that they want to take. It is obvious that leading without a clear focus is a waste of resources, including a lack of motivation for our teams.

Maintaining focus is a basic characteristic of a leader, to lead themselves and others based on a vision. The question is how can we increase our ability to maintain the correct focus?

Those who maintain the correct focus have certain characteristics. This list can serve as an exercise, to see if they are part of your daily approach. If not, stop and start creating a strategy that allows you to grow in these areas:

  1. They are clear about their objective; they know what they want to achieve.
  2. They have a plan that they follow daily; they know how they are going to achieve it.
  3. They create the right environment; they surround themselves with those who seek the same goal.
  4. They use their authenticity; they do not compare themselves with others, they know that their purpose is unique.
  5. They learn from losses and mistakes; they grow with the lessons from their mistakes.
  6. They work only with their priorities; they know what gives them more results.
  7. They improve their ability to lead; they prepare for each new stage with a higher level of leadership.

As Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, says, you should not only do what you like but what you need to do. Certainly, many times we only want to do what we like or what is easy for us, but it is also necessary to do what we must, however difficult it may be.

Whether you are leading others or need to improve your ability to lead yourself if you need help improving your ability to focus, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Question:  how can we increase our ability to maintain the correct focus?