How Can You Handle It?

Have you ever wondered why every time we talk about achieving our goals, we must talk about habits? Simple, our habits are what govern our lives. A very simple concept, but very powerful. Whether or not we can achieve what we want will depend on our habits.


I want to invite you to examine the habits that we should cultivate and why it is essential that your habits are part of your plan to reach your goal.

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There are a series of capabilities, abilities, talents, and knowledge that are indispensable to reaching your goal and should be turned into habits. Yet, there are some activities that shouldn’t become a habit.

In fact, there are some activities that we should “unlearn” and take out of our lives in order to accomplish our goals. Also, some habits may be easier to manage than others. For example, behavior-related habits seem easy to deal with but can last for a week, a month, or even a year. However, habits related to our understanding are not easy to deal with but will sustain us for the rest of our lives.

To attain your goal, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve and have an action plan to accomplish it. As part of this action plan, it is necessary that you understand what the habits that will allow you to achieve your goal are or those that will simply prevent it.

Habits are behaviors that are repeated consistently. They arise at the moment when the decisions that we make deliberately, are repeated until we no longer decide them, but simply make them.

Let’s look at some of the habits that you would like to cultivate for success:

  • Know your “why” always
  • Be and think positive
  • Think and plan long-term
  • Practice daily self-management skills – discipline, control, persistence, etc.
  • Have an action plan and take definitive actions daily

The understanding and clarity of your objective will allow you to establish the “how” as the habits that you must keep to reach your goal. On the other hand, the “why” will give you the energy and passion necessary to achieve your habits. Thus, it will be up to you to decide which habits you should cultivate and which ones you should not.

I know that it can be very overwhelming when you desire to achieve a goal, but do not have an action plan to execute daily.

This is why I created a guide with THE 8 ELEMENTS THAT EVERY SUCCESSFUL PLAN MUST HAVE as a resource to help make it a bit easier, for those working towards their goals and really wanting to make it happen. Even more, we have created a Workbook designed exclusively for you to develop a written plan of success. But that is not all; we have designed the LEADINFORCE AGENDA exclusively to increase your intentionality, and we have it for you as a gift.

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Question:  Which habits are not allowing you to reach your goal?