A Transformational Leader Is Creative And Is Open To Change.

This leader is able to adopt new ideas and has the capacity to empower others to innovate and change the way they think and act. He is also the one who facilitates the process of transformation. Are you willing to embrace change?


The ability to embrace change that characterizes a transformational leader is known as “intellectual stimulation” in other words it is the availability to innovate and change. When you are in front of a leader who transforms, you will notice that they are innovative and they will question the way things are being done in order to reform or modernize them.

What is your level of flexibility when it comes to change?

A transformational leader often has fundamental reasons as to why it is important to implement changes.

His availability to innovate and change allows him to create and maintain the necessary changes that will help him accomplish his purpose.

This characteristic is the one that allows this type of leader to go to another level of evolution and achievement. In addition, it has other important advantages:

  • It gives way to the transformation process, not only for the leader but for those around them as well
  • It helps to maintain a clear vision, in times of change
  • It promotes an atmosphere that influences those around them
  • It prepares the leader and their team to have an open mind when it comes to evaluating the project
  • It provides ideas to make the necessary adjustments to the action plan

The transformational leader values intellect as well as the different points of view and has the great ability to turn a problem into an opportunity and a challenge into a new achievement towards their goal.

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