The Transformational Leader Knows How To Create A Positive Environment For the Development of his organization.

The creation of an environment that promotes the participation of each member in an organization has great advantages.


The possibility of contributing new ideas and of being part of the decision-making process within an organization gives a sense of equality and belonging to every team member. These elements are fundamental in order to promote creativity and participation.

What kind of opportunities is your organization providing to encourage participation? And even more importantly, on which members are you focusing your efforts?

Those who are responsible for executing a project know how to handle potential challenging situations that might arise; they are the ones who:

• Know the details of the project and how it will be executed
• Have the answers to difficult situations
• Have experience in making the final product
• Recognize dangerous situations
• Experiment with new alternatives
• Identify loss and waste
• Create new systems

Therefore, those who are directly responsible for executing a project should always be part of any kind of evaluation and strategy implementation.

Are you focusing on the results or on those who make it possible?

If someone with a position of authority is deficient in their leadership and if their focus is only on results and not on those who make them possible, most likely the level of creativity, the contribution of new ideas and participation in the decision-making process will certainly decrease in their organization.

Similarly, when managers have an authoritarian style and their performance is based on hierarchies, the motivation and inspiration within the team decreases, creating a low morale environment

Unfortunately, without a positive environment to promote participation, success, and effective leadership, talent retention will decline significantly and become the main cause for low productivity and profits, and for the overall decline of the organization.

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Question:  What kind of opportunities is your organization providing to encourage participation?