Recognize Your Strengths

Perhaps you have bought a product through the internet which turned out to be poor or average quality and you had to spend extra time and money returning it. It’s almost certain that if this happened to you, you wouldn’t buy this product again or recommend it to someone else.


If we mention what is “average” the list is long. For example services, companies, projects, relationships, and all the things that are not done with excellence. If people have the ability to achieve a high level of excellence, why do many fail?

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Surprisingly, not all people have a story to share when we talk about achieving a high level of excellence. Finding out where we achieve excellence is a process that can take time and study. Fortunately, the ability to achieve excellence has a lot to do with knowing your strengths.

Without having a clear idea of your strengths, not only is it difficult to achieve excellence in everything you do, but you will easily be wasting years trying to improve in areas where you will never be great. For many, for example, it will mean having a job where you only survive because you are constantly fighting against what you have to do, instead of working on what you really want or love to do.

One of the greatest challenges of not being in your strength zone is that you have the possibility to be mediocre or average. Personally, I think the most critical of all these challenges is the risk of living a life without purpose or meaning.

Your strengths are related to your purpose and what you dream to accomplish in your life. Knowing your strengths has many benefits like:

  • Increase confidence in yourself,
  • Increase your productivity,
  • Achieve excellence in everything you do,
  • Achieve high levels of results,
  • Optimize the ability to find opportunities,
  • Develop your potential.

Staying in the strength zone gives you greater profits, simply because you thrive in your strengths and that means that you do not need to invest a lot of time or effort to get there.

So, let’s have a look: how can you recognize your strengths?

  1. Who knows you? Start by having a vote of confidence in those who know you and have been around you for years: your family, friends, or perhaps your coworkers. Ask them: what do you think I’m outstanding at? What are my best qualities? Those close to you know your best qualities as well as your weaknesses.
  2. Have you taken a personality test lately? Your personality affects all areas of your life. When you recognize your strengths and weaknesses you can give the best of yourself. In this test, you will not only find your strengths, but also your behavior, communication, and work styles.
  3. What do you learn when you make a mistake? The best way to know our strengths or weaknesses is in the moments of success or failure. Every setback you have is an opportunity to put your strengths to the test.
  4. Are you evaluating your experiences? It is said that experiences are a source of learning, but the truth is that experiences without evaluation are not the best teacher. When we evaluate our experiences and reflect on what we have learned, they become the source of the knowledge we need, allowing us to find evidence of our strengths.

By discovering your strengths and staying with them you increase your productivity and the ability to develop your potential. The reality is that people and organizations do not pay for mediocrity. Nor do they recognize average employees, contracts, projects, etc.

Success does not accept mediocrity. If you want to achieve your goals or reach your next level of achievement, you need to be close to your strengths and use them daily.

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