Create A Culture of Success

Your habits magnify or limit you. No doubt about it. The biggest and most successful entrepreneurs, as well as the most influential and famous people, have habits that have led them to success, even more, they have made success a daily habit.

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I invite you to reflect on how as architects of culture we can create a “culture of success” in our personal environment, with our teams and organizations. Let’s observe the 5 abilities that successful people use to create that culture of success.

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It is undeniable that those who develop habits for success and make them part of their daily lives make success a habit. As leaders, our influence must lead the way to success. Every challenge that our organizations or teams encounter, presents an opportunity for growth and development every day.

Successful leaders understand that success as a habit is nothing more than a culture of success lived on a daily basis. They know that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Creating a “culture of success” required a daily effort to build and use habits of success. Successful people understand the power of daily habits and it is because of this that they:

  1. Stay passionate every day for what they do;
  2. Develop daily plans and strategies to put into action;
  3. Focus their daily attention on their strengths;
  4. Grow daily internally before promoting external growth;
  5. Persevere daily in their vision for success.

The leader who decides to live within a “culture of success” on a daily basis, not only for him but also for those around him, has such high standards to the point that defeat is not an option.

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Question:  Is success your daily habit? Why yes or why not?