If at some point in your life you thought that increasing your productivity would give you better results, you are not alone. Many understand that to achieve a goal and manage resources properly, it is necessary to be productive.


Let’s talk about the benefits of being productive and how you can guarantee the results you want.

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In general, it is said that those who are productive have the ability to do what is necessary and do it effectively. It is also constructive and essential when it comes to achieving our expected results.

The concept of productivity is not new. This subject has been known since approximately 1776. It is included in the writings of Adam Smith, whom we know as the father of economics. In his book “The Wealth of Nations”, this concept is the center of the benefits provided by increased productivity at work and the accumulation of capital.

But, beyond its business advantages, we don’t need to be economists to understand that the benefits of being productive are numerous both personally and professionally.

People who are productive:

  • Have the right approach to the things they do.
  • Maintain consistency and discipline.
  • Avoid excessive control over small and trivial tasks.
  • Know the important activities that generate profits.
  • Plan and schedule their activities.
  • Develop the habit of monitoring and evaluating their plan and agenda.
  • Constantly look for the next step.
  • Divide big tasks into small goals.
  • Take time to manage their energy; taking care of their health.
  • Learn from success and mistakes.
  • Know how to say “no” when necessary.

I’m sure there are other benefits that you can add to this list. Based on my experiences, I believe that we can add the satisfaction of having achieved a goal and managing resources effectively in the shortest time possible.

Unfortunately, being busy all day does not mean that you will have the results you want. Most of the time people are focused on urgent activities but neglect the important ones because they don’t have the right focus on priorities.

For these reasons, I want to invite you to examine how you can improve productivity based on priorities; this way you can guarantee the results you want. I am certain it will bring you many benefits.

Question:  What are the benefits of recognizing your priorities?