The Transformational Leader Does Not Stop In This Zone.

Have you ever wondered in what areas you have not achieved what you want because you are in your comfort zone?

comfort zone

The comfort zone cannot be easily identified. This is an unseen danger because today’s success is not necessarily the success of tomorrow and what you know today is not enough for your next achievement.

This comfort zone becomes an obstacle that may be delaying a change or keeping you stuck, or not allowing you and/or your team to reach new levels of achievement.

What is limiting you to achieve or change what you want?

Maybe you are in the comfort zone and you are not aware of this. The comfort zone is that place where:

  • You are secure
  • You have all the answers
  • You don’t make mistakes
  • You are not exposing yourself to the opinion of others
  • You have control of everything you do and how you do it
  • No surprises, no shocks, no emergencies
  • Mostly you know your answers and what you are doing
  • Your routine is regularly the same every day
  • You are still enjoying yesterday’s success
  • You do not have an action plan towards other goals

As good as this zone may sound, it is quite dangerous. Even if you are enjoying your achievements, being in this place will not allow you to maintain or improve your results.

As Albert Einstein rightly said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results’

What are the consequences of staying in the comfort zone?

Although leaving the comfort zone can intimidate you, make you nervous, or make you feel unstable and face fears in unknown places, leaving this zone is the best.

The comfort zone becomes a prison where every day that passes, the sentence increases and every day it is more difficult to get rid of it and therefore:

  1. Your independence, your self-esteem, and your abilities are minimized;
  2. You reduce your chances of success and achieve your goals and
  3. Furthermore, you decrease your ability to grow and develop your full potential.

The transformational leader intentionally avoids stopping in this zone, not even for coffee; there is no valid reason that appeals to him/her since transformation requires a continuous change and change involves risk.

Outside of the comfort zone, growth happens and creativity begins to show its best results.

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